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Solving unloading issues is our core business. In many cases we are also asked to advise on the follow-up process. This gives us a lot of knowledge of the entire inbound process. We convert this into concrete, dedicated solutions. Our strength in this is our independence. This results in a system, tailored to your wishes and budget. In this way we ensure that you can easily keep up with the continuous flow of goods generated by the CargoPicker.


Ask us for the most efficient solution for your situation and products.


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PalletisingAutomation in stacking


In our program we have a unique robot solution, the Flex robot. Specially developed for use in the warehouse. Seamlessly in line with what we stand for; Maximum profit, low cost (MAPROLOC).

This Flex robot is designed from a light but strong aluminum construction. Operates with sufficient accuracy and a decent speed. Focused on the intended purpose; stacking products on pallets without millimeter accuracy, which safes time and money. Fixed mounted or on a track.


Tell us your situation and we will find the best solution for you.

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Seamless connection throughflexible transition


During unloading, the CargoPicker moves to the back of the seacontainer. To guarantee the flow and subsequent transport of the products, we offer the option to connect a telescopic beltconveyor or a flexible rollerconveyor. These run along with the CargoPicker through a sensor-controlled coupling or a mechanical coupling. This guarantees a seamless transition to a palletiser or robot. Supply of the products then takes place in the correct orientation.

This route can also serve as an intermediate buffer. Various solutions are possible for this.


Let us know your budget and type of products and we will give you the right advice.

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InnovationAt your service


Mechanization / automation of your entire inboundprocess? We can service you. Together with partners we continuously develop new solutions, with the CargoPicker as an indispensable part. From unloading till palletizing. Due to the great mobility and flexibility of the CargoPicker, various layouts are possible.


Tailor-made, future-oriented, low-cost, new or used, the customer is king!






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