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Are you looking for an independent player who is at home in the world of coffee and cocoa logistics? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have many contacts in this industry and listen carefully to the issues that arise in the field of handling. That is how we come up with unique solutions. Our primary goal is not to maximize our profit, but to optimize your process.

Our aim is to keep your manual handling to a minimum while making efficiënt use of your available space. Result; no dependence on third parties, but always fully operational 24 hours a day. In addition, you comply with all health- and safety regulations in one fell swoop.

The heart of every project is the CargoPicker, a unique tool that makes unloading of your coffee- and cocoa bags effortless and very efficient. Processing high volumes in a short time is no problem. You can take the sustainable employability of operators to a higher level. So future-oriënted. And that’s how we assess every request; thinking about how to integrate the CargoPicker into a complete line that is future-proof.

Does this taste like more? Then read on.


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Turn keyComplete handling


A fully mechanized unloading process guarantees profit on all fronts; health and safety, man hours, uninterrupted process, short ROI. Very efficient. We also have a solution for lower volumes. Together with partners we develop dedicated turn key solutions in which the CargoPicker is an indispensable part.

We recently expanded our program with a low lost palletiser but with high class quality. A compact, low-tech system, reliable and at a competitive price. A strong point is also the movability using a forklifttruck. This way you are not tied to 1 location. 

Due to the great mobility and flexibility of our systems, various layouts are possible. The turn key delivery from our factory guarantees fast installation and commissioning on site.


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handling jute bagsHigh volumes, less manhours


This layout is developed to be a strong alternative to container tipping installations, seen from a technical and financial point of view.


Base: 2 CargoPickers and 2 truckloaders connected at the end.

Goal: continuous unloading of 2 containers simultaneously, connected

          to 1 high speed palletiser or robot.

Accumulation: possible with the help of spiral conveyors to create a

                          separation between the 2 flows before palletisation.

                          Necessary for separating multiple lots of coffee.

Modular: construction method of the complete line. Phased investment

                 is therefore possible. Creates space for expansion like for

                 weighing-, scanning- and control systems and for sampling



Turn key solution with major advantages over a container tipping installation, such as

- strong price-performance ratio

- much less space

- flexible layout

- supply bags always in the same position; no (manual) corrections


- no damage

- immediately afterwards (automatic) palletising

- applicable for various bags and boxes


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mobile solutionMaximum flexibility


A mobile solution for unloading at multiple locations. Consists of 1 CargoPicker and 1 truckloader connected behind.


Compact: fits into a standard 40 ”container with doors on both sides.


Mobile: container is placed on a chassis ready to connect directly

              to the container with bags, just at any location.


Fast operational: unloading containers directly from the chassis

                              without transshipment costs by container stackers.


Choice: to be completed with a basic, movable palletiser. 


In short, the use of the CargoPicker results in a labor-free, physically relieving and time-saving unloading process.

From a social point of view, we also contribute with our innovation to the reduction of absenteeism costs, which are a peak in the logistics sector compared to other sectors.


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