Fast unloading ofContainers


The CargoPicker is the newest innovation for high speed and efficient unloading of general cargo and commodities from containers. With the CargoPicker, you are able to unload a full container in no time, significantly reducing manpower and physical labour.

Unloading till 400 bags of coffee per hour isn’t an issue for the CargoPicker. Straightforward and safe operation. The CargoPicker is also easily integrated into all logistic systems. Deployable in every distribution centre or unloading dock.

The CargoPicker offers the following advantages:

· Reduced physical labour

· Less personnel required

· Rapidly unload high volumes

· Universally applicable


ROI and cost reduction

In addition to significant health and safety advantages, many financial benefits can also be attained. Where 2 or 3 employees are usually required to unload a sea container, the CargoPicker only requires 1 operator. This, combined with sharp pricing and significant cost reduction, leads to a short return period and a high return on investment.


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Multirole system


Focussing on loose loaded containers Maproloc Systems has build an unloading system which is unique in the world. All kind of cargo can be handled due to the modulair design of the CargoPicker.


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Multirole system

Multi mobile


Due to its crawler undercarriage, the CargoPicker is also suitable for less flat terrain, such as an outside area. It is also possible to quickly switch between containers at loading docks. For this, the CargoPicker can easily be connected to subsequent transport such as a telescopic belt or flexible roller conveyor.

Sometimes a transversing alignment is desired. We are happy to discuss this on location.

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